Top 5 Motorcycle Mods Under $100

Top 5 Motorcycle Mods Under $100

Tune up your performance on a budget. Here are some easy motorcycle mod ideas for under CDN$ 100. That’s like under $10 for all you Americans watching this.

Motorcycle mod ideas in this video:

0:10 – Motorcycle Levers:
2:01 – Halogen Headlight Bulbs:
2:54 – Frame Slider Kits:
5:01 Tank Knee Pads:
5:39 – Fender Eliminators:

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charlie ryan says:

Another excellent video

Robert Fancher says:

What was the name of the company that makes that headlight again?

Justin You says:

Iā€™m 15 and my parents will never let me bike :///

Sircade says:

1. Nobody gives a flying FUCK if you have better beer you stupid drunks.

2. Look on all the dating sites u will find someone.

3. So what if u have bigger plates.

But still like ur channel very informative

Blindi says:

an assisted lever would have been better

urnzwayzmoove says:

I never understood cut frame sliders… You get them to save your plastics but you have to drill two huge holes in your expensive PLASTICS!

Boba Defett says:

Marc Marquez WTF, THIS IS ROSSI country. Unsubscribed. Great Video as always.

Alfredo Pacheco Jr says:

Well, he is right. Beiber is a pretty woman…………..

TerryBollea1 says:

no dick jokes, or jewy "AsHfault" refrences??????? What the hell?? Is that a clone??

Im Lieutenant Hoe says:

damn ur ugly nigga šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

Sanivier Sapphire says:

Is that you Joffrey?

Facundo Bonino says:

He looks like Joffrey Lannister on meth

Sina H says:

fairings are way more than $100

Ciiitron says:

What were those boots/shoes you were wearing in "Bullshit Corner"?

Ethan Strydom says:

Spent more time watching these videos.

Wont own a bike for the next five years

Anurag Verma says:

I would like to see a review of good budget LED headlight vs Halogen

T J Brown says:

I'm a big fan of Bullshit Corner.

JoWorld says:

2:15 "for two reasons" while holding 3 fingers up XD hahaha love your vids =)

Tee Quu says:

Ryan is a skinny doosh bag with no teeth

Mr. Finger says:

This guy has the same eyes as marty from mighty car mods

E LE BENZ says:

as per all the bulb comments I work for a major bulb manufacturer in R&D. oil on the bulb is no longer an issue these days.
And Canadian women mmmmmm not so attractive on average in my opinion.

ktkace says:

blue bulbs ain't good for foggy areas IMHO.

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