Build a Pergola in 15 minutes

Build a Pergola in 15 minutes

Took about 7 days after I got all hardware and wood onsite. A pergola is just framework without a solid roof, almost anybody can build this type structure, don’t let anybody rip you off with some outrageous bid. I used all red cedar, stained and sealed to save natural color. I bought all materials from Bayou City Lumber, ask for Jim–rc-ls-2-.html×6-ZMAX-Galvanized-Adjustable-Post-Base-ABA66Z/100375370?keyword=669436
These are links to some of the products I used to build this Pergola.



Joel Robles says:

Well done Mr. Stevens!

Mistah Young says:

now you have a nice ledge to do some cannonballs into the pool

T3m0ur says:

Hey Mr. Stevens, I’m planning on building a pergola and I was just wondering what your input would be on how I would be able to secure them to the ground. In our back yard we have wood decking everywhere. Would it be secured on the wood floor just fine or should I make a hole and use post holes and concrete? Thanks for the awesome video btw! It looks absolutely beautiful!

I'm Your Huckleberry says:

You should paint it black or go with a darker stain like an espresso. That would contrast better with the color and style of your house. That stain you have now is nice but it's too golden.

Billy Stevens says:

You can do it just take your time. Thanks for the nice comments

M S says:

Congratulations, great work, sir. The labor would be the difference of $14.316.00 and that would be $2.863.20 PER DAY. THAT IS A RIP OFF FROM THE SO CALLED 'EXPERTS". If I can do it, without calling them, I will. Unbelievable. It is my next project in February.

T Dog says:

Beautiful. It’s about the same size I want to build. Now I know approx what lumber should cost me. Thank you. One question- what kind of hardware did you use to attach your cross beams to the main beams?

fernando rios says:

Beautiful, it looks great, if you don’t mind what was the total cost of all the materials used in this project?

Firefly Eloise says:

What a beautiful result. xx

gail anderson says:

Love the dog!,,

Brit Bolerjack says:

How are the upright pieces secured to the concrete?

stephen Davidson says:

good job older man!!

Patrick Aispuro says:

What color stain is that?

Harry Galyan says:

Great job! How did you exactly attached the rafters. Just one of these on each end ? Did you make any notches?

tekberg says:

loved watching this. Thank you for great video!

Lemi Watts says:

there is no way they built that in 15 minutes

Kim Bab says:

because you did not pay yourself. bidding usually includes labor, not just materials.

Jack It Up says:

Some people in the comments might want you to build one for them for free… Great 15 minutes!

Chonbemo Patton says:

No audio, no directions , no steps, no suggestions is equal to unlike

Nomad TeslaModel3 says:

If any house needed a pergola, this is it.

S K says:

Do you have the plans for this build?

Juan Miranda says:

top notch job!!

Raghu Reddy says:

Your hole was beautiful before pargola.

Imran Khan says:

Awesome amazing impressive great job

Trevor Phillips says:

Sir. how you attached those main columns to the ground? Coz am a building these on my huge balcony ..

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