Creating a Stone Patio

Creating a Stone Patio

Spur of the moment project where we decided to create a stone patio between our brick flower garden border and our outdoor fireplace brick patio since we could never get grass to grow in this spot.
Took 34 16 x 16 red patio paver stones, just under 100 2 x 8 x 16 cap blocks, and over 30 bags of sand.
It really turned out nice!






kathy jo tourtois says:


juzero2 says:

Different, but now I know what sand I should get, thank you

Emmanuel Rodriguez says:

Why sand in between the middle ? Didn't the rain going to wash it off ? Can you use something more towards concrete type of material ?

Dianne Anderson says:

Just like my hubby, throws caution & common sense to the wind. Mind set on just getting it done!

John Finch says:

No goggles, gloves or shoes. How safe is that?

Luis diaz says:

looks like a sample of stone display wth

Rakesh Bhansali says:

Learnt a lot from watching this!! How to avoid multiple trips to Home Depot!!

hank smith says:

Get year nose as close as you can to that brick and son dust, lol

MsLavendermariposa says:

Looks Great!!! thanks for sharing

kelly mariee says:

great outfit for laying bricks lol

Jay Bulmer says:

Safety glasses?

AjdaGreat07 says:

I like it. This looks great and gave me some good ideas. for a base.

Mateus Pereira says:

Stop trying to save money and buy a decent paver my friend

omegapointil says:

Let me get this straight since you're the only one with this idea. You'd lay DRY cement, leveled, put the slabs on top and just wait for rain and that would guarantee a level, set patio?  How can you be sure the rain would penetrate underneath evenly? Why wait for rain, use the hose.   What type of cement?  Thanks

leighatkins22 says:

Aren't you supposed to pack the sand down very firmly before you place the pavers down? And aren't you supposed to use river sand or sharp sand or something? Anything but soft play sand!
Give it a few months & that paved area's gonna be lumpy dumpy if you didn't compact the sand & remove the air from it 1st. I don't know much about this kinda thing which is why I'm watching but from the small amount of knowledge I do have, I don't hold out a lot of hope for this path – its only saving grace will be the hard ground underneath it all…

leighatkins22 says:

Love the hearing protection! Safety 1st and all…

Emily De Juarez says:

wouldnt it be cheaper to order sand in bulk than to buy bags?

maslam0000tube says:

Thanks RVR2 for sharing the video. I just started doing research for building a patio – either paver stone or deck tile or porcelain. Budget ~ $2000. 

This is my first home improvement project, therefore, not much knowledge in this area. So , any help would be greatly appreciated.

The size of the patio I want to build is 24' x 9'.  Currently the middle section of this backyard area has concrete floor (8' x 9', not well built), but on either  side of this concrete section is grass.

I reached out to a contractor who said, it is better to remove the existing section and build a single  concrete floor for the whole size.  On top of that I can build any pattern I want. 

My question is: do I need a concrete floor? What are the benefits over just using the sand and filler as you did?

When do I need a concrete floor?

May God bless you.

Isabel Moreno says:

I like it lam planning to do my back yard thanks

Martha L Rodriguez says:

great video so no cement at all needed will it stay together please HELP lol 


Thanks very much… first how to vid that made sense to a do it yourself-er like me…. 😉  next weekend i start the project.. thanks again for your help!!

Joe Fiorino says:

OMG! Dude! Cutting concrete slabs – Short pants. No glasses, no gloves and open toe sandles! And a dry saw with no mask?!?! I can't even begin to say….

d.b. Sorensen says:

stone and concrete dust is not the best thing to breath!wear mask when you cut it !
It is turning out pretty tho!!

Tarek Taher says:

what gravel would u use for the bottom? Since home depot sent you the wrong one, and what sand would you use for the next layer. And should u use a mortar mix?

fuzzbutt2871 says:

You should have on protective eye wear..

Rick Roll says:

should use a wet saw, that dust will kill you

morgan mason says:

I think it's neat when Caucasian's have Mexican's do all the work.

Greg Boardman Band says:

ok it looks good….greg boardman band

RVR2 says:

I used sand here cause i have plans of possibly redoing it and it will make the job easier when i do it, and actually yes it is pretty study with a sand base.

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