DIY Paver Patio, Fire-pit & Pergola Project (Time-lapse)

DIY Paver Patio, Fire-pit & Pergola Project (Time-lapse)

DIY Paver Patio Project: This time lapse video shows the main steps involved in a paver patio project.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section. I will be happy to help.

* Removing top-soil
* Preparing sub-base
* Prep work for natural gas lines (Grill and Fire-pit)
* Compacting sub-base
* Build a solid foundation with 2B gravel
* Compacting gravel base
* Weed barrier landscape fabric
* Concrete sand for paver base
* Laying pavers
* Polymeric sand to fill the gaps between pavers
* Paver patio steps
* Patio walls
* Setting up pergola
* Install outside border with river stone
* Furnish the patio



rockshot100 says:

What is the reason for the outside border?

rojoeclipse94 says:

I just bought the same pergola myself! You did a great job sir. I have to ask though, why did you repaint? Rust prevention? Unnoticed you painted inside the pieces also

Mark Robinson says:

neat and nice, very nice. awesome job, did you use anything to hold stones near pergola, or is it just stones on top of each other?

The King says:

nice job my wife wants it

Salvador Mendez says:

good job but I have that done 5 to six day brother to much waste of time ,money and labor .

Josh Morrison says:

are those the Countryside pavers from lowes(what color) and is that also where your Pergola came from

Mr Tidy says:

Thank you for your video. It helped me build mine.

Kristin Williams says:

I need to exchange my husband for a new one. He wouldn't never do something like this to our house! Nice job, your wife is a lucky lady!

eldoradoNei says:

Nice work! Around how much did this cost? I checked the comments and you never answered the questions about cost

Sandi Remson says:

what do you do in your spare time? I mean for a real job? It is so well done wonder if you have any experience in building. just curious!

useradmn says:

How much did this cost?

Cesar Nino says:

Not bad! I worked with my dad over summer doing these types of jobs, I bet bringing in the crush was a pain by wheel barrel lol. Only thing I noticed is that when you lay brick you want to level the entire area. Makes it ease diet than by sections. Then do a outside frame with the bricks, work your way from one side. And try to leave minimal pieces with cuts (looks nicer), and try to put those cut pieces towards the siding of the house so they are not noticeable. Just a future tip, again nice job, it's really not that bad as people think, but it can be a good amount of work if you rush it and make mistakes.

Suni Rae says:

Very cool! What's the name of the song you're playing?

karen j cosme says:

hello and thank you for posting! your work is inspiring and brilliant. i'm prepping to 'permeable pave' my lot and my first task is to remove an attached deck. this means temporary steps. you mention dry stacking before permanent adhesive (not new, but excellent advice on its own). is this what you did for the steps – no concrete foundation? no code/inspection for below 30in here, so i'm looking for inexpensive but attractive alternatives to wood. thank you. namaste.

eaglei22 says:

so how was the pergola anchord? i missed it, you guys were working too fast.

mohamed hamz says:

Where did you get the shade material thats on the pergola?

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