HomeMade Concrete patio stone project and a nice package in from Michael

HomeMade Concrete patio stone project and a nice package in from Michael

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Reo White says:

For a half a second I thought that was Adam Sandler with a beard

Sean says:

15:10 welcome to Billstmaxx’s kitchen. Lunch is served

RB_Nugget says:

19:23 the sound it made hahaha sounds like how to basic haha

MrArcticCat400 says:

Hay bill buy one of them torpedo heaters for your shed

ScoutCrafter says:

Wow!  Trent Good hooked you up!  Nice!

Xsavier Filiano says:

31:18 when bill zoomed the camera in his face

glenda Mason says:

Hi bill great video just watch it on my balcany in cape verde on hoilday all the best ian & glenda mason (from the uk )

Danny McCormick says:

Good ol' PEI!!!!!

Noel Stevenson says:

Hey Bill. I don't respond much,but I just wanted to say thank you for the continuous effort in making videos despite not being able to do them in the shop anymore. I've been watching since the beginning. Don't even know how many years now….6 ? Back when you filmed digging graves. The progression of tractors and equipment,the different vehicles,toys,and the kids growing up. Taking us on family vacations and so on. Letting us all into your life to dealing with trolls. I can't imagine how frustrating this has all been since the "board" said no more. Maybe if they watched they would understand what this means to Soo many people. Waiting for that daily video. Anyway,thank you so much for continuing to do this for us. Stay warm in that she'd this winter,I expect videos lol. Cheers buddy.

Dman channel says:

GOOD video keep up the good work buddyPS have a great thanksgiving

Graham Campbell says:

Wooohooo happy birthday bill have a great day buddy love the vids graham from down under

Michael Mac Tavish says:

thats awsome patio stones better then what the building supplise sells at there stores wich dont last wich this isawsome thick patio stone last longer 🙂

jethross12 says:

this is how not to do this kids

jethross12 says:

use a friggin wheelbarrel wow

jethross12 says:

you are not making cement cement is in the bag when all mixed you will have concrete

Jeremy Cordingley says:

A palm sander also works really good to get the bubbles out

RC life 9 says:

Hi bill Hows the 110 so far

Joshua Heminitz says:

Great video Bill!

Michael Bass says:

use a board wider than the mold to screet it down level

Michael Bass says:

run a broom over it so its not slick

jeremy thiel says:

I watch all your videos since you been on YouTube I just wish they would alow you to video behind the gates I hope your new shop gets Goin good

Bob Green says:

Bill try a thick sheet of polythene/visqueen on the floor 8 x 8 feet, put all your aggregates and cement on it dry and lift the sheet and roll/mix, add water and keep rolling. When you've finished all the left over can be tipped straight into the bin or start the next slab. It worked for me on jobs for 50 years and doesn't leave a mess. Keep the vids coming Bill. You're finding a new way to keep them out of the cemetery gates.

tom holmes says:

Bill, Should oil the forms with used motor oil to prevent cement from sticking. You can also use parrifin wax and melt a coating on them.

Mike Emerson says:

Neat stuff you got. Cool video.

Joe Rohrbeck says:

Bill a circle doesn't have coners , you said to get all the stuff out of the coners when you where mixing lol , why don't you get ready mix so much easier.

Tony Valdez says:

Use two buckets to mix by pouring from bucket to bucket.

zx8401ztv says:

Smashing video bill 😀
You can play games with those moulds, add the angles with extra bits of wood so the slabs come out already edged.

Smashing presents 😀 the gloves will keep your delicate digits safe lol 😀

olleh BROOKS says:

You need to watch you own vid and lesson to yourself complain buddy!! That should of been a relaxing little job too, you are a great dad and lover so when it's your time, have fun and in joy your time with all of of us together, you make these movies for us and yourself for a few extra bucks!! Keep pumping them out buddy, we are here to the END.

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