How to Make Concrete Patio Pavers and a Solid Cedar Deck

How to Make Concrete Patio Pavers and a Solid Cedar Deck

We built these concrete patio pavers with cedar accent decks for the shipping container house I am building out in Joshua tree CA. if you want to see the shipping container house series click here:
The sun out here in the California desert is quite harsh and I wanted materials that could withstand the constant UV abuse. Concrete pavers are ideal, but I liked the idea of adding some wood accent decks to break it up visually and create outdoor spaces that are flush to the interior floors. Western Red Cedar was the ideal choice since it can stand up to the sun without cracking and will weather to a nice silver grey that will match the paint on the house. I like the paver and gravel combination because it’s a forgiving design for beginner level builders. Unlike a solid concrete patio these pavers don’t have to have a slope that will funnel rain in a particular direction.

Key Products:
Western Red Cedar 6×6 Timbers
We used 12-foot long Appearance Knotty Grade timbers.

Quikrete 5000 Concrete Mix:
10” Lag screws

Composite Deck Boards,8526,667,6874,6630

Cement Mixer

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Stephen Bradley says:

I'm Wester Forest in B,C, for red and yellow cedar AND wow thats a good price!

Ben Bro says:

Another video about some guys who know nothing about construction. $h!t from start to finish!

Paul Tran DIY says:

Will this be on Airbnb? Amazing work as always

Mortgage & Mitre says:

This is exactly what my wife wants to do for our patio area

iSirPS says:

that is kind of strange… you build deck and pavement more expensive than that container house in the middle of a desert with, judging from that episode, no water and sewage system…bottom line it is strange decision.

Barrie Smith says:

Looks great, I like that you've broken down the costs, and the benefits in doing it yourself and using higher end materials 👍

HudPud broom says:

Hats off to you mate it does look lovely but it's still very expensive and with the greatest respect we're all tight arses on YouTube so we're looking for how to do things on the cheap without having to remortgage our homes in the process to be fair I can take alot from this but saving money isn't one of them. Once again though well done mate it does look lovely 🤙

Salvador Nobre Veiga says:

Skip the concrete bags and hire a truck deliver the concrete to you… at $90 per cubic yard, this build could essentially be done at least $3500 cheaper since the concrete truck would be around $1300 and you could skip the labour you hired.

Salvador Nobre Veiga says:

How would this work out on a snow zone? Wouldn't the thaw freeze cycles mess up with the levelness of the build over time? what could be done to avoid it? thanks

TacoXL says:

The deck is probably going to come loose like that, each one is floating outside of the bracket and the lag screws really aren't doing much. I would have used some sort of washer or spacer for the gapping and drilled the outside plank so that the threads didn't catch – pulling them tight to each other against the washer. Looks good though, I like the styling.

Coffee Dude says:

Up next: inlaying LED lights into the deck to light up the desert sky 😝

The Modern Home Project says:

Those shipping containers look familiar…

Alexandre Ducros says:

Super interesting to get the cost breakdown of this project. Hope you keep this feature in future video 😁 Nice video and project. Thanks Ben.


Stain the wood so it will last longer

BlueGamer Dude says:

thats alot of wood for a deck

Suj Menon says:

Just awesome Ben. Looking forward to see the entire series. Just subbed on the other build channel as well. All the best from London !

Alejandro Yagüe says:

40 bucks/hour is not excessive?

Jupp Schlabutt says:

Why not sitting directly on the Concrete? Why is always a deck needed in USA?

Paivi Project says:

Oooh Wow That deck was freaking amazing ! The concrete pavers great too

Geeksmithing says:

Can I get on a waiting list to stay in your guest container? 😀

Kiryl K says:

Отличный результат. Сейчас готовлюсь к постройке почти такой же площадки, только в Беларуси. Идея нравится, но в нашем климате брус покрутит, я бы глухари ставил бы чаще и в каждом ряду. Но вид и соотношение цена/качество реально супер!

Raynola Dominguez says:

So beautiful, and the cedar looks awesome too. So, is deck floating on top of the pavers? I am thinking slow this morning.

Big Bad Wolf says:

Great job as always. Here in Missouri I go to the Amish if I want high quality wood. You would have paid about half to 2/3 that price. I don’t know if you have an Amish community near you but with the amount of woodworking projects you undertake it might be a consideration.

Ben Keller says:

Love the cedar! It may cost a bit more, but the idea of getting a high end look and design with such simple construction is awesome.

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