How to Screen in a Porch (or Patio) – Renee Romeo

How to Screen in a Porch (or Patio) – Renee Romeo

Would you like to know how to screen in a porch or patio?
My family and I are showing you how to screen in a porch or patio. We have a patio located underneath our deck. It’s an area that sees more weather than we like so it’s become necessary to enclose the space. Although we’re also installing a roof, you have to tune in to a later video to see that aspect of the job. We’re concentrating on screening in the walls that face the outside. This job involves simple construction skills. In other words, if you can saw and hold a drill, this project is for you.

It’s easy to construct the wall frames with simple 2 x 4’s!
We’re using pressure treated lumber for this patio – in various sizes. You can also use cedar or composite material to construct the wall frames. You can view my materials list here: XX (or visit my website at to download the PDF in the video commentary). The only specialized tool we are using is a hammer drill, which can be purchased or rented. Otherwise, you should have all the tools necessary to complete the job in your tool box already!

Our method for screening in this porch or patio isn’t complicated.
We’re keeping the design simple because we want to enjoy the view more than view a complex room wall design. Think neat and clean. We maximize the view by using a product called Pfifer pet screen. This screen material is extra strong and tightens up beautifully along long lengths of wall space. Ours spans over 9 feet long and six feet high! We don’t have objectionable obstructions in way of our beautiful backyard. Whether there’s a chipmunk or a black bear, we’ll be able to see it. You can expect to complete this project faster than you ever thought possible.

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