Quikrete Walkmaker Patio DIY Project Tutorial

Quikrete Walkmaker Patio DIY Project Tutorial

HOW TO LAY THE PATIO: https://www.charlestoncrafted.com/2018/02/12/make-quikrete-walkmaker-patio/
We made a 14×14 foot concrete stone-look patio using the Quikrete Walkmaker in the Country Stone pattern.
We also filled the joins with Quikrete polymeric jointing sand. It was a simple process and turned out great!



Delisia _J says:

I just finished my patio using you guys video as a guide. Thanks for the info!

Anthony Geyman says:

So genuinely I've looked at like a dozen videos regarding these stencils for a pathway I will be making this month and this video was one of the best outcomes aaaaand the first one to mention the joint compound sand which is an idea I love. I think I way seal my "stone" stone but I am very excited to give it a try. I wish I knew how things hold up over the next few years now! Thanks for the useful video.

Juanita Rigsby says:

Thank you! Thank you for sharing!!!! I have my supplies and now I’m ready!

Kym Edwards says:

You guys did an amazing job! This is my project next weekend and your patio size looks about the same that I need… How many bags of concrete and sand did you need as coverage for your area?

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