Super Easy Fire Pit build – DIY How to build a patio firepit – Little Known Tips, design & ideas

Super Easy Fire Pit build – DIY How to build a patio firepit – Little Known Tips, design & ideas

How to build a fire pit Under 30 minutes. Construction, Ideas, design plus(Little known) tips, easy DIY firepit for your patio or backyard, No CUTS, No FUSS. More info Here:



Christopher Montano says:

Where did you get the fire ring in this project?

Ervey Barragan says:

I think you guys are awesome because everything that you do is explained step by step and you all have a good sense of humor.Awesome

shanesmaineshop says:

That is a really nice fire pit I just made one with an old wheel from a oil truck. It works but I like your much more thanks for sharing.

sandpiper9988 says:

0:15 Shameful

Tommy Szymczuk says:

looks awesome but how would I shovel put the ashes if there is stone down bottom top?

bicdaddy says:

I've never cared for these types of fire pits… find a place to get real stone, and build a horse shoe fire pit, so you can actually enjoy the heat from it. These things are purely aesthetic.

Adam Gaskell says:

Can't believe you cut flower the fox for this final part. although I live in the UK so materials are different, it great to watch really skilled people and learn little tips and tricks

Dan Mac says:

Who is that in the top right corner at the end of your videos? Your son? Grandson? Just playn, great videos!

MONEYBAGS603 says:

how would you prevent wash out of ash when it rains? most people are too lazy to cover it every time it rains

UA Lawn Care says:

I was wondering if you could make a video about how we Us in the lawn care business landscaping business Hardscape business we increase property value we contribute to better neighborhoods better home value better resale value. and as always thanks for your videos.

Clinton Tuua says:

What size was your fire pit? Where did you get your Fire Ring from?

joe moffat says:

top videos!!! keep up the good work mate

yowmemperor says:

So what about rain? When it rains on the ashes, do they seep out at the bottom and run down the patio? Or is there some sort of drainage under the pit?

ash27791 says:

HI Stan. Love your videos. You and The handyman videos have helped me out so much. I'm new at commenting on you tube. So I probably sound plain. 😄😄

Michael Salzer says:

Is all of your help documented? Stanley? Just asking. I want to follow you cause you have great content but you know how things are!

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