DIY How To Install Copper To Pex Shower and Bath Plumbing

DIY How To Install Copper To Pex Shower and Bath Plumbing

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Learn the trick to fast plumbing in your home. Pex shower valve with tips for using a torch to convert from copper to pex.
Bathroom Reno series part 2 of 9

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Home RenoVision DIY says:

To watch all the videos in this project click this link. And remember with playlists you can scroll through the videos using the arrows in the bottom left corner.

James P says:

You are nuts sweating copper that close to combustible materials without a heat shield. Just look at the two burn marks on the wood. A ten cent heat shield and a fire extinguisher are a must when soldering. What would you do if the dry 2X4 caught fire and the water is off and no fire extinguisher? Also clean off the flux paste after soldering or you will get a leak in a few years.

D k says:


Jonathan Tatler says:

Stop messing about with soldering.
Use "push fit" for both pipes!

Luis Guevara says:

Good job sr, thanks

fernando plata says:

where can I reach you ?

MrNandiuxx says:

The Best Vídeo I’ve seen about plumbing, thank you!

Rey Deblois says:

for sure i will not hire you as a contractor to my house, you will burn my property.

Jim Beauchamp says:

Jeff I like you! When I built my house my brother-in law was helping me and he's the measure everything kind of guy. So many times I would stand back and look and say that's perfect. After about a month of this he said HEY if you keep that up I'm gonna poke your eyes out!

Ken Wells says:

Word of the day is "roughtimate".

Chris Deguara says:

Hi, great job. But when you pressure test the system don't you bleed the system to make sure there is no trapped air in the pipes?

V Den says:

Thank you! Getting ready to remodel a bath and want to convert from galvanized to pex.

jesse sanchez says:

This is Amazing!

THIEN VU says:

Great video, thanks

Larry Adams says:

Does this not restrict water flow somewhat with the adapter to pex? Just wondering because I'm interested in doing a shower kit with a rain head, side hand wand and three body sprays. So I'm thinking I need to not restrict water flow and maybe stick with 1/2 inch copper all the way. Thoughts? Thanks.

Juana garcia says:

I need to replace a gas water heater my self because plumbers are charging too much,please make a video of replacing an old one for a new water heater, thanks!

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