How to Fix Leaky Copper Pipes from a Bathroom…WITHOUT Soldering — by Home Repair Tutor

How to Fix Leaky Copper Pipes from a Bathroom…WITHOUT Soldering — by Home Repair Tutor

Learning how to fix leaky copper pipes is super important if you’re a homeowner…you’ll save a boat load of money.

AND: you won’t panic when it happens the second time.

This video was made 30 minutes after my wife texted me and said water was leaking from the bathroom on our second floor.

The first step is to find the section of drywall where the leak is coming from.

Push up on ceiling drywall until you find a soft spot. Then poke a hole in it using a drywall saw. Be prepared for water to drip out of the hole.

Then cut a small hole in the drywall to identify the exact pipe leak. Once you do that, turn the water off and cut the old pipe from the wall or ceiling.

My favorite tool for cutting copper pipe is the AutoCut pipe cutter.

In this tutorial I show you how to use SharkBite couplings to attach the new section of copper pipe. These help you fix leaky copper pipes without soldering.

If you replace the pipe with another section of copper here are some tips

-choose Type L copper
-debur the copper
-smooth the copper ends with emery cloth

If you replace the pipe with PEX just cut the ends and make them square.

The beauty of using SharkBites is that they simple push onto copper, PEX, or PVC pipes.

Check out the video for all the details

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Click here for the full written tutorial and supply list

How to Fix a Copper Pipe…WITHOUT Soldering!!



Elizabeth Miranda says:

Hi, I've seen some green mold on my pipes and I am scare that it will start leaking, I've been doing a lot of work on my own learning new thinks on YouTube on how to do your own home repairs, this pipes are a bit more challenging for me, I will love to have one of those emergency kits. My house was build in 1954, I don't know if pipes needs to be replaced at some point, they are mostly cooper, and my house heats with oil and hot water. If is starting to get green, do we need to replace them? Thanks, your video made this job look easy, 🙂

Miguel P says:

Great video!!! love the idea of having a emergency kit..

James Chuaycham ป้อม ศักดิ์ชัย says:

Why not use copper pile instead of a PVC pipe?

I like the ease of shakebite. How does it hold up?

anyways good vid. I just spent $600 on hot water line pin hole upstairs and damaged vanity sink and kitchen..opened a insurance claim right now. So learning basic plumbing is very helpful and cost effective.

For older homes with problematic pipe leak, it might be cost effective and less trouble to repipe the whole house or part of it I think.

Tom T S says:

I find this video is very useful thanks for the video! I was searching to see how to fix the leaks in a tight spot that heat can't be used, Thanks again, also if you would send me the free kit for the half inch copper pipe (that what I have in the house mostly)I appreciate that Thanks.

Tareck Fahmi says:

Had a pinhole on the kitchen cold water line! It was a spewing lol used a self-piercing saddle valve to tie in an RO unit to the sink…(I'll never use self piercing saddle valved again!) I wasnt comfortable soldering then so I used sharkbites, they are a total Godsend! Not cheap though

Tom Genn says:

Hello Jeff: i am a very low income senior citizen, and i could really use the kit with the copper tubing cutter. the house has copper tubing that could us this type of fix badly. I just cannot afford these plumbers, they want 65.00 i believe the last plumber said he wanted to charge me just to come out and look at the copper pipe. if i cannot afford his price(which i most likely could not) i would have lost my $65.00 right off the bat. I am old now, but can still do the job with the right tools. I hope you will consider me for your great gift kit? Thank You Very Much, Tom
PS; if you decide not to send it too me, i just want to Thank you for the chance to get it. it is extremely kind of you to offer it to people in the first place. love your videos.

Bobby A says:

Great video. I shared it.

Jason Facchini says:

good tips i am a building manager i have pin hole leaks all the time we use piece of rubber an a clamp but the sharkbite fittings would be awesome to do the repair with i will have to see if these are available in canada thanks for the videos

Jack F says:

Hey buddi not sure if your aware, prolly no big deal in your direct situation here.. But sharkbite fittings are not legal or against building codes any place inside a home thats not accessable, i.e. Service panel. Under vanitys, unfinished basement or garages… So sealed up in that ceiling is a no go…. I like sharkbites but i think they havent had the test of time behind them so there leary perhaps.. All in all good vid….::

Hugo Dominguez says:

nice video of you that's what I was just looking for to fix my pipes, I do have a small leak and I do not know how to fix that but now that I have seen your video, now I know how to do it thank you it is really helpful.

yambo59 says:

Another cause for pin holes in copper might be some unknown galvanized or iron pipe still in the system causing electrolysis-?  Also arent that pipe and its joints uncomfortably close to that electric light fixture-?  As another commentor said two $.25 cent copper couplings and some new copper could have been soldered in, but of course theres many ways to fix this type of leak.

russor22 says:

A $17 garbage fix versus a 96cents better fix if you knew what you were doing

Iron Pumping says:

I need the kit because I am new to the maintenance tech industry

sonair2 says:

right now i have leaks on the solder work i perform…i'm giving up so up and down to open and close the water supply

sonair2 says:

right now i have leaks on the solder work i perform…i'm giving up so up and down to open and close the water supply

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