How To Install Copper To Pex Shower and Bath Plumbing

How To Install Copper To Pex Shower and Bath Plumbing


Converting plumbing from copper to pex has never been easier. In this video Jeff shows one of the ways you can install plastic tubing while still coming from a copper source. This time Jeff tries out a new compression fitting product by Sharkbite, check out the video to see how they did.

This Youtube channel was designed for average help home owners tackle home renovation tasks around the house. Hosted by Jeff Thorman from Ottawa Design and build, Jeff uses his near two decades of experience to help you out. On this channel you will a series of How To videos as well as before/after Total Renovation transformations. So what are you waiting for? Check it out!

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RunE says:

Can't trust a person that can't hold them tools right

Linda Rivers says:

As an inspector and former plumber, I'm not kosher with the drywall screws instead of brass or deck rated screws and I would like to see the dead ends for the old copper be a lot shorter…

David Boudreaux says:

You should not use pex on the tub spout, it will restrict the flow and it will start comming out of the shower head at the same time

Dan Keller says:

Thx, the camera guy/girl got it right focus on his face and head we all know how to hook up shower valves. Put on more microscope face and that good music and stop glancing at the plumbing. PLEASE!

Ed fl says:

Great! I have no idea why some people disliked it?

David Pfeffer says:

Novice question here – what are the additional capped copper pipes that the Pex was installed next to for?

Henry John's Awesome YT Channel says:

Sharkbite makes everything so freakin easy now…no burning the framing lumber anymore in tight quarters.

gekritzl says:

Nice background music, what/who is it?

Tehg_Rhind says:

I may be wrong here but it sure looks like you put that teflon tape on counterclockwise, was that line reverse threaded or something?

WhatIsKenDoing says:

I have almost completely switched over to pex. Far cheaper and faster than copper and if there is a leak at a joint, you just cut your crimp ring off and re-crimp. No draining the lines to re-solder. I strongly discourage the shark bites, though I don't trust them long term. And never use any of the off brand shark bites. They are garbage.

Ken Burke says:

3 things I would suggest doing differently in this video, not that it's wrong but because it could be better,.. 1, the tub spout should always be iron pipe size or copper tubing size, putting pex on the tub spout will cause the shower head to run or drip while in use (shower head being pex is fine). 2, shark bites are great but it would be better to install them in accessible location such as crawlspace below the tub or swet copper to pex transition fittings to the copper supply if crawlspace is not accessible. 3, the pex pipe in this video is clearly type B or C pex pipe (non-expandable), witch I've seen split and break in as little as 8yrs depending on water quality, for best performance use type A expandable pex…. also think about putting a widely used name brand valve in such as moen or delta as the repair cartridges are more readily accessible for future repairs to your valve. this is a great diy video, just thought you do it your sellers would appreciate the extra insight

chmellen says:


Frank I says:

ok my only question is what if those plastic pipes rated as far as pressure ? what if that plastic pipe cracks or breaks wont you have a waterfall in your wall and now you have to bust your wall to get to those pipes? just curious question?

Sam Trachet says:

Really enjoyed your example. Thanks for taking the time to show us how to do it. Keep up the great work!

Arthur Levine says:

where was this 25 years ago??

American Stonecrusher says:

Very nice Job ……

Deven Looney says:

Jokes on all of you saying that he's doing it wrong. He's making money off "doing it wrong" while all of you watch which in turn generates income. He also said the average homeowner can do this which means DIY were not talking about professional work.

lifreu says:

Wrong pex color, blue for cold red for hot, wrong way to put the teflon tape wrong way to put the pliers to tighten the female adapter , hope you do not get leak at the end of the job —-But actually with pex it's very easy to be plumber

Sajid Rafique says:

I have sharkbite red blue tubes ready to fit . Can I use the same rings you used instead of sharkbite copper rings ? i heard they fail sometimes . I think the mfr of these rings should make them a little wider .


Fantastic video!!! I will use this video to help me do my bath room. You did a great job! I was worried about how much work it would take and now I feel ready to do it. Thanks again for a wonderful video! And the background music is a plus! Love it.

beamer1974 says:

"The average home owner can do this". Really?

electricalron says:

Plumbing is a professional trade, not a house flipping DIY project.

dustin adams says:

this was hard to watch lol coming from someone who owns a plumbing contracting company

Nelson Alvarez says:

The first thing we can learn is that people are very bad nature people. Including myself, of course. He is showing how to use PEX tubes and their advantages. He does not pretend to be a workshop master. Be grateful to his videos, guys. I greatly appreciate his teachings. Thank you.

charles johnson says:

Nice craftsmanship…….

damon jones says:

that tape job gave me cancer

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