How to Repair a Leak Under the Sink : Home Sweet Home Repair

How to Repair a Leak Under the Sink : Home Sweet Home Repair

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Repairing a leak under the sink requires you to find the exact location of the leak in the first place. Repair a leak under the sink with help from a longtime construction expert in this free video clip.

Expert: Nicholas Iarocci
Filmmaker: Alan Mack

Series Description: You shouldn’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars to an expensive contractor every time your home needs a little maintenance. Get tips on home sweet home repair with help from a longtime construction expert in this free video series.



Dport Cooper says:

I wish they get to the point I'm dieing here

Kamala Dixon says:

See how my Sunday is going to be:))Thankyou!

Donald Eugene Lucas says:

Thanks, very good video.

Michael Dunphy says:

Good Video. Simple and Complete. Good Job.

Ashley Redden says:

i have a leak from under the sink at the top of the faucet hose i think it is a seal how do i know what i need

KMT Wellness says:

Just used your advice! Many thanks!

porschedriver06 says:

nice! thanks for your video Nick!

Lisa J says:

saved me a $200. repairman visit, so many thanks

Bob Zborowski says:

Very helpful. Clear and concise. Thank you!!

Baudelia Sanchez says:

good job and very helpful thank you

Bunong Canada says:

how long it take to become a plumber

Jermaine Balandra says:

very helpful video! thanks a lot!!!

b traven says:

This is a damn good tutorial–no long-winded, self-serving BS, just a clear, easy-to-understand, right-to-the-point demonstration. Very helpful, thanks.

Limpiphiphatn Limpiphiphatn says:

helpful video, thanks

Scott Brockman says:

This also is a good self- help video. I have just noticed that there was a Leak in my Bathroom & it has to do with the Sink :).

V Ruiz says:

How do I know which washer fits the trap ?

Pete Bennington says:

I'm not a plummer by trade both of my risers are leaking the straight plastic tube type i put new ones in could not get them to stop leaking. Menards manager recommended the plastic flexible type like you have in the picture after getting home i read the fine print on the label CAUSES BIRTH DEFECTS CANCER and other problems they are very fast and easy to put in don't cost much and don't leak but i don't want lead and harmful chemicals in my drinking water then i bought the copper riser and they also leak can not tighten the plastic nut up enough by hand the plummer in Lowes told me they only make that nut in plastic. Have you ever read the warning label and are you worried someone with cancer or birth defects will make a law suit against your company because you installed the product?

SavageMajor says:

Thank you. Found the source of the problem and fixed it with all the tools I already had in the garage.

kidheadcase says:

Champion! Thanks, mate!

GT4L1F3 says:

That's great banter

Morgan Cooper says:

What ABOUT the p trap nylon washer at the nut ? Still leaking thanks for ******g

Vincent Marsico says:

Could bad seating be causing the water to be dripping below sink. I replaced the hoses and it's still dripping from that area. The large black plastic nuts seem tight.

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