12'x24' DIY Shed Build (Part 1 – Floor)

12'x24' DIY Shed Build (Part 1 – Floor)

Welcome to part 1 of our shed build showing the skid foundation and floor system. This will probably be a 3-part series covering floor, walls, and roof. It will be a 12’x24′ wooden shed with a single slope metal roof and either T1-11 or LP SmartSide siding.

Making some improvements on the previous two floor systems I’ve had a chance to try. Went with 2″x8″ joists, secured with joist hangers, on 4″x4″ treated skids set on gravel trenches. Hopefully, this will last for many years.

Please let me know down below if you have any questions or comments, and stop back to see the walls and ceiling go up. Trying to get it all up before the worst of the monsoons hit! Thanks for watching!

Thanks to Taylor for all the help!

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The Arizona Homestead Project says:

Lol at the end. That looks like a great floor Brian

Jarrad Redwine says:

Can’t wait to see the final product! Very cool!!

The Upside of Downsizing says:

Looks really great! Nothing like celebrating with a happy dance montage😂👍Looking forward to seeing the walls go up.

bavondale says:

"a dance floor" 14:13 lol

Handeeman says:

You gotta ask your neighbors! I've got a palm nailer that you'd use with my air compressor and makes driving those nails for the hangers in a cinch, don't have to swing any hammers.

Instead of using the blocking throughout, you can use 3/4" tongue and groove plywood and put construction glue in it and that makes the edges of the plywood really secure. Either way is fine 🙂

Plywood doesn't typically split like what you were worried about and going in to 2x lumber is no problem. No predrilling needed.

This base is about 100x better than the other one you built. Great job!

Once you get this shed done, your building confidence will go through the roof. Before I built the tiny house, I didn't have much experience except for electrical and I felt like I could build anything afterwards.

High Desert Homestead says:

Brian, I always nail my joists off to my rim board, and then mount my hangers. But you would have been fine with as much support that you have to use 2×6 instead of 2×8 for joists. Then instead of hangers just use a 2×2 ledger under the joists. It cost less and gives more support.

Leigh Amos says:

give urrrr:)

Our Upper Room Homestead says:

I think it's looking really good. I can't tell you how many boards I've split with self-tapping screws… obviously drilling pilot holes isn't my thing, but with this project I'm sure it wasn't a problem for you. Great idea to set those screws in place, being excited for new ideas is never lame!

Burns Family Homesteading Off-Grid says:

looks good. great to see you making videos.hope to see more

Green Dream Project says:

Lol! Those people are rude! Unbelievable!😆
The floor's looking good Brian! Can't wait to see the rest of it come together.
As well as some more sweet dance moves.😆👍

Welcome to Chickenlandia says:

LOL Nice dance! I can't remember the name of it hahaha

Welcome to Chickenlandia says:

Yeah, watch your tone, haters!! LOL

Jills Homestead Experience says:

What a great idea 💡

AaliYah Tova says:

That’s brilliant ✨ good thinking for a unknown future !! Great job Brian !! 😊

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