12'x24' DIY Shed Build (Part 8 – Siding Install)

12'x24' DIY Shed Build (Part 8 – Siding Install)

Welcome to part 8 of our shed build showing the LP SmartSide siding installation. In this video we are installing an engineered wood siding product that is pre-primed and ready to paint. This installation was very similar to sheathing the walls with OSB, except that a little more care needed to be taken with placement and nailing, and the panels had to be cut and fitted around the windows. Took a little time, but I think it came out pretty nice!

This will be a 12’x24′ wooden shed with a single slope metal roof and LP SmartSide siding.

I’ll try to summarize some of the construction stats/key points here:

– 12′ x 24′
– 4′ x 4′ treated skid foundation
– 2″ x 8″ joists @ 16″ OC
– 3/4″ plywood subfloor

– 2″ x 4″ construction with double top plates
– (3) 3′ x 2′ sliding windows
– DIY double door – 59” x 80”
– 1/2″ OSB sheathing
– House wrap
– LP SmartSide paneling

– 16′ x 27′
– 1.5-in-12 pitch (minimum recommended by metal roof mfr), single slope
– 2″ x 8″ rafters @ 24″ OC
– 1/2″ plywood sheathing, with sheathing clips
– Synthetic roofing paper
– 29 gauge galvalume metal roofing panels (3′ x 16′ each)

Please let me know down below if you have any questions or comments, and stop back to see everything go together. Thanks for watching!

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Awesome Arizona says:

Hi from Dean (Formerly DIY by Dino) Nice progress..same type of shed i would build. Are you going to Trim out the windows anyway ?? 1x4s ?? if so small gaps no big deal.

Yvonne Stark says:

The shed is coming along nicely! Great job guys! Can't wait to see the next video 👍😀

deserthorizons says:

when you move, you sure move quick.. just paint, trim, doors, gutters, caulking,, etc to go..

Green Dream Project says:

This is very exciting to watch Brian! It's getting me excited for our next big project.😆👍

NonnaGrace says:

Hi Brin, windoyare a joy. We had chabed evey window in my house. We changed the size. Not an easy job. We put replacement windows in our other houses. It was easier.💕 NonnaGrace

Burns Family Homesteading Off-Grid says:

hey brian looking great hope to see more

afruitykindoflife says:

This brings back memories of helping remodeling my parents house when I was a teen. The shed is looking great!


You nail the over lap only. Not both and run a bead off choking in the over lap . Just saying

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