8×10 Cheap Shed Plans

8×10 Cheap Shed Plans

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Plans ► http://myoutdoorplans.com/shed/8×10-cheap-shed-plans-free-pdf-download/

I have got many requests to design a simple stoarge shed with the accent put on the utility side and not on the looks side. Therefore, I used all my expertise and came up with this basic shed built on a 2×4 structure. I have optimized everything so you don’t waste materials and so that you keep the costs as low as possible.

In addition, this shed features a wide 4′ door to the front and a typical gable roof. If you want to reduce the costs further down, you could replace the roof with a lean to one. I have also added a simple ramp to the shed plans, so you can have an easy access inside the shed, with a lawn mower or something similar.

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