Build a BIG SHED from pallets for £87 (gym, office, man cave, summer house, games room, bar)

Build a BIG SHED from pallets for £87 (gym, office, man cave, summer house, games room, bar)

Building a SHED from pallets for £87, super easy like wood legos!

Mostly reclaimed or upcycled materials for the shed/ man cave build, only had to buy stuff for the shed roof, it took around 2 full days to complete the shed build. the same way this shed is built is an easy way to make any timber framed utility building perfect for sheds, man cave, gyms, summer houses, bars, games room, meditation rooms, kids play rooms and much more.

4 x 2 inch, 4.8m c16 timbers:

100mm Screws:

Breathable weather membrane:

Makita Drill Set:
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Emad Dw says:

I got 50 of dem saved up I had 200 now I’m never throwing them away This is gonna come handy I’m gonna make a nice little gym place in my back yard

Kimberly Moll says:

Its beautiful thanks for sharing got some great ideas for when I build my own

Robert O'Neill says:

loved vid brother!! what is it u do for a living?

Slashley gibbins says:

Give it a couple of years it will look like it fell in a hole.

JB - Aquatics says:

I built the exact same shed 2 years ago… 👍

Rule Andrews says:

Great place for you to have butt sex in.

Michael kors says:

we can save a lot of money using pallets 🙂 🌺🌺🌺 great ideas

William Gallaher says:

Great build.
Thank you for sharing.

George Mcmillan says:

Lokks great! Years ago, a friend of mine worked at a pallet yard. He was remodeling his old farm house. We re did the entire kitchen, including the floor, and built the cabinets in place! Then, he covered every wall in the house with pallet boards! You can get alot of use from old pallets. The new "chic" is furniture and other things from reclaimed pallte wood!

big john says:

Just a warning, DPM is not UV resistant and will weaken over time. It is not suitable as a roofing material.

Joseph Fahy says:

Essentially it's the same method as used in Fallout 4

Austin Bartose says:

Made one of these as a child……..probably go with treated wood for the bottom or it won’t last a few months

captain crunch says:

Don't see much pallets

john says:

Fantastic job !!!!!

Kevin Walls says:

I would not b happy with the wall structure

angel melko says:

Very impressive, very impressed. Good work.

Michael Panama says:

nice work but I would have used galvanised screws and some bracing

analiensaturn says:

Let me guess when you saw the price of corrugated sheets? Me too a £100 a go by me

jason boschetto says:

How much did it cost for the hole shed not every thing was free

misael pez says:

It looks like shit

Eddie Pugh says:

Do you know where I can get some pallets

nick sainsbury says:

Why is the door upside down? Looks weird

K says:

Nice job mate 🙂

leo jenkins says:

Cool can I see inside

Sam Nind says:

Is this thing still standing?? Have you seriously only used 4" screws to hold this all together where the wall pallets meet the base pallets?
Wall pallets should of been overlapped like a brick wall and diagonal braces attached and also the wall pallets shouldn't really be sat on top of the base pallets, should be on the floor and up against base pallets for more rigidity.
Decent looking build though but definitely not structurally sound.

Mark Gillies says:

have a look round for the plastic ones (available in Australia anyway),could possibly used as flooring.

Nicamist says:

This is like live action Fallout 4 base building.

True Brit says:

To easily break up pallets get a "Roughneck Demolition and Lifting Bar", which is around £20 from Amazon, Toolstation, Screwfix etc. Makes light work of getting pallet wood separated to reuse as you wish.
*********************************** watch?v=J7KVwIOTdxc **************************************

True Brit says:

I used the Damp Proof Membrane on a massive DIY 'fort' I built 15 years ago for my kids. It's about 16' x 12' and around 10ft off the ground on massive 10" x 5" stilts. The peak of the roof is about 20ft high. It's still rock solid and cost me almost nothing – I broke up loads of pallets and got the 18ft wooden stilts for free off a local building site. They were not going to be used and one of the guys actually delivered them to me for nothing! There were 6 and were worth around £250 back then.

I had to buy some 4×2 and 3×2 but everything else was free, although I had to also buy the roof felt and DPM (put the DPM on first and then the felt). The felt rotted away quite a few years ago but amazingly the DPM is still intact and it's bone dry inside. So I can thoroughly recommend the DPM. Cheap at Screwfix or Toolstation. Now used for storage and it's brilliant.

West yorkshire engine services says:

Like the Navara buddy and the shed

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