Building a Workshop Shed In The UK From Scratch

Building a Workshop Shed In The UK From Scratch

Building a workshop has been a life long dream for me. Now, back in the UK. I’m building a new workspace from the ground up from scratch.

Any Questions you have please leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to get back to them plus I’ll add them to and tips video that will come in the future.


How much was it?

So keeping tools our of the pricing In total it came to around Ā£1200 But this includes extra wood to make workbenches too. It’s 2.9m by 2.9m . Has a close to 7-degree pitch and highest point is 2.49m. Keep in mind that I have completely over-engineered this workshop for 3 reasons. 1. I’m in Scotland and I get a lot of rain so I had to have a pitch on my roof. 2. I’m close to the sea and there is a field with an unobstructed prevailing wind so I get gusts of wind up to gale force 9 pretty regularly. I had to keep room for 100mm rockwool to make sure I could stay warm and more importantly that I would not bug the neighbours too much.

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scott mclean says:

Excellent video Iv subscribed
2 questions
1) did you put any ventilation in building? Iā€™m building my own workshop soon an conscious of air needed to prevent damp

2)Are you a trained film editor? Super professional

Jack Davis says:

How much overall did it cost

Bob Smith says:

What on earth is that blue attachment on the drill when putting the wood screws in? it's really bugging me I can't figure out what it's doing

Dutch shed woodshop says:

Great job! I build mine almost the same way a half year ago (check vid on my channel if you like. ) Yours looks really solid. If i could do it again i would make one with a framed flooring aswell. Thanks for sharing. Subscribed

The Verminhater says:

Great job. What sockets, lighting etc have you got planned to install?

Jlm Foy says:

Probably a daft question but have you made provision for electrics? Nice build by the way. Regards Jim.

Ahmed Shakir says:

I really like the design and the editing is amazing. I have a couple questions though, how much did it cost, and what are the dimensions?

Edit: Nevermind, he already answered those questions lol. Price was Ā£1200 and dimensions was 2.9 metres x 2.9 metres šŸ˜€

Anant Goel says:

loved it mate, new subs ….will you be able to share more details of material used, measurements and total cost plz? I am itching to came one for myself and this is just the kick that I wanted…keep up the good work….

walden 3000 says:

Beautiful work! What product d'you use to finish the wood outside? Saludos!

karlpopewoodcraft says:

Oh no I recognise your videos now you have being away for a while, I take it you are back in the game now! šŸ˜

karlpopewoodcraft says:

Hi Jonathan nice video, this came through to my Facebook have you paid for advertising or marketing? Looking forward to catching up with your videos.
I also have a small youtube channel if you would like to have a nosy.
Cheers Karl

Lee Vacer fpv says:

Cracking shed there buddy.
Have to say your videoing and editing are very impressive.
New subscriber here.
Thanks for sharing

Andrew Burton says:

Welcome back!

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