DIY Door and Window Install / How to Build a Shed | Part 5

DIY Door and Window Install / How to Build a Shed | Part 5

Learn the Simple Techniques for Installing Shed Windows and A Gorgeous Solid Wood Exterior Door and Make it Weather Proof at the same time.

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Aepek says:

So want to watch this, but than once over, it's over & "I Just Want to Watch More"!😍 This is my Favorite "build/diy" Channel on YT… glad it found me one day by chance; or was it🤔😱.
Thanks for the vids & hardwork….you too camera man😉
Cheers, A

jerry The wolf says:

Hello boss I'm just wondering why didn't you but the cocking before you install the window will be sitting better .

Klokwork Gaming says:

As a person that used to do these things for a living, I really appreciate all the videos you put up. Heck i've learned some good tips that i didnt know! Keep up the awesome job!

Brian Wymer Wymer’s Handy Man Service says:

The safety trolls forget that they are the ones needing to worry because they don’t have the comfort of having made those same cuts same actions time and time again. Your amount of nerves relates directly to your abilities. If your thinking all the safety aids can replace ability and attentiveness that’s a mistake. Back up beepers have proven to be detrimental on large job sites due to so many are in use people don’t pay attention to them. Yet operators have that false sense of security so there not as attentive. End result is that backup injuries are on the rise. No amount of safety equipment can replace proper situational awareness.

M Cunningham says:

I watched a lot of diy shows and you are by far the best at making it easy to follow and explaining what you are doing!

parTians says:

Hey Jeff and team, just wanted to let yous know that your videos genuinely bring fantastic advice and entertainment to me.
Whether it's Jeff sarcastic comments or the fantastic videography that Max provides, it genuinely is TV material!

Even though I don't do much DIY, in fact the girlfriend doesn't trust me with a hammer nevermind a drill, these are so enjoyable to watch, thanks so much for the content.

Thanks a bunch.
From Ryan!

SandiRose27 says:

Before I even watch the video, I understand there was a really bad storm that came through your way. Hundreds of thousands without electricity and a tornado in your vicinity that did alot of damage. Were you guys affected by any of that?

turtyurt123 says:

"rol-ling" @28:47 lolol

Ride or die entertainment says:

Im a carpenter and i do everything just like you! Nothing unsafe unless you dont have common sense or even an idea how physics work with power tools! Your good brother they just hate for no good reason..aloha from Hawaii..

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