DIY Pole Barns Shed/Garage Construction LP SmartSide

DIY Pole Barns Shed/Garage Construction LP SmartSide

I bought my pole barn shed/garage from
They have a custom quote tool which made it easy to see what the building would cost. My building needed to be unique due to “city” requirements. So, I called DIY after finishing my online quote. They were quite flexible and were able to handle my custom requirements easily.

The plans were quite detailed. If I would have had time, I believe I could have built it myself, using the plans provided.

The materials were excellent quality. Straight/clean lumber. All of the materials came from Graber Post out of Montgomery Indiana. It was delivered a few days before the construction crew arrived.

The builder (Colossal Construction) from Ohio did an outstanding job. A crew of 4 completed the building including siding and roofing (which they usually do not do since most pole barns are steel sided) in 3 days.



Mark Williamson says:

Do they get paid by the nail? seems a bit excessive in places..

RoofMill.Net says:

Wow I like that auger. Peak would be better east to west. That way the barn will support wind and solar like a RoofMill. The wind and solar you could have put on that barn can make free electricity for the whole ranch. Good looking barn.

rogermurph101 says:

What prevents the baseboard and sheathing that's in contact with the ground from rotting, other than using pressure treated? That would concern me for long term durability.

Brody Sawyer says:

This is exactly the video I needed to see. Thanks for posting this!

mark says:

do you wish you made it bigger?

gary24752 says:

What did you do for footings? No 2×6 bearing plates under the truss plates at each column?

Zanzylimon says:

What are the dimensions?

tim herrington says:

purlins in between with joist straps much stronger building and wind uplift stronger.
the downside is you only have 1 1/2 " to hit with screw.

Scottish NS Rail Fan says:

"P U R L I N S" Purlins.

G G says:

I also bought my pole barn package through The material comes from Graber Post Frame Buildings in Southern Indiana. I was missing a couple sheets of metal, and several pieces of lumber. I had several pieces of metal trim that was bent, and several pieces of lumber that was either bowed, twisted, or split. The post they sent were only long enough to go 2 feet in the ground. They told me to nail boards on the end of the post to make them longer! I built a pole barn a few years ago, and bought all my material from Menards. Everything about Menards pole barn package was better!

Pat M says:

I wonder do you live in a climate with no or little snow? The reason I ask is the truss headers are just nailed (?), granted it looked like they used twenty penny nails but now all the weight of the roof and any snow load is sitting on those nails? Here's an example of what would be much stronger.

Abu Kareem says:

what kind of paint you have at the bottom of the posts?

Troy Stephens says:

Ha, I like the gentleman watching at the end. Guys like that have so much wisdom and if we all took the extra time out of our days to sit and listen to them, we would be miles ahead.

joe burns says:

Why did you choose pole buildings type construction over other types? Trying to decide what type to build for myself.

Mrs Kemi Adenike Nwanne says:

I have spent months researching into constructing sheds and found a great resource at Wilfs Shed Formula (google it if you are interested)

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