SHAUNO SETS UP HIS DREAM SHED! Top 10 tools for DIY Projects!

SHAUNO SETS UP HIS DREAM SHED! Top 10 tools for DIY Projects!

If you were to set up your DREAM DIY SHED – what tools would you have in it? Shauno went to the workshop experts – Hare & Forbes – to show you the 10 tools to set up your shed into the ultimate DIY fabrication hub.


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4WD Action says:

What tool would you add to the list to set up YOUR dream DIY shed? Comment below!

Braydon Charles says:

Just one thing ya forgot a mad sound system šŸ˜‚

Father And Son says:

A good lift. They make so many now that will fit any garage.

robert macleod says:

Nice one Shaun. My problem is I need a BIGGER SHED ,too many toys. My worktop is an old kitchen unit with metal sheet topping saves money and gives you cupboards for tool storage. Viewers just think how much money you will save doing repairs to your 4×4 yourself, Plus gain some knowledge for in the field mishaps.

Idieav Kennic says:

All of that and you forgot to add a tube bender, and if you got a welder, make your own bench, saving so much money that way

Shehdnnjdjdn Jejndjdiijn says:

My family loves this channel

chris rawlings says:

Beer fridge is a must !!!

Clint Rzoska says:

That vice is the go, I have one…now I need that one…nice work Shauno, probably I would only add a parts washer to this list. Since we are talking dream shed….. a hoist, keep ya little creeper šŸ™‚

Cooper Ryan says:

And I Would choose a high lift jack

Nicholas Xidakis says:

Hydraulic press w/nuematic trigger.

Gibbet Hoskins says:

Can you recommend a good left hand screwdriver?

Luke Gilliland says:

great vid Shauno great top 10 list of tools, and i would also add an an oxy set or some 18v gear to my list as i find them so useful around my workshop, great work keep it up mate šŸ™‚

Mark Whitford says:

Probably just myself in my shed, Iā€™m a pretty good tool šŸ¤£

Bhai says:

Like for the new dirty 30

Adam Bates says:

mate you have mentioned all the good tools I think medal lathe its handy as

The_mighty_ 79s says:

Can you help me wear do you pot the blinker fluid in a 79 series land cruiser šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

NickAngel89 says:

Plasma cutter
Sandblast gun/cabinet
Fixture table for welding
Mill/drill combo
Hydraulic press
Engine crane & stand
Parts washer
Fridge for cold beverages
Good consumables packs/storage

prof_ AW3SOM0 says:

Put a thick layer of wood on top of that steel workbench less vibration, more height, a surface you can abuse and replace and you can make the top bigger too šŸ™‚ just a thought

Rockbiter Hd says:

Beer fridge and no tools allowed

Edward Zafra says:

Shauno Iā€™m soo disappointed. You gave us the best tips on what tools and how to choose yet you forgot the one most important thing you need in your shed.

HOW TO KEEP YOUR BEER COLD! Soooo disappointing shame shame shame… šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£

Joseph Melit says:

A good quality jack is a must too!

Jason pylkkanen says:

Parts washer

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