Easy DIY Epoxy Floor – Great Weekend Project! – DIY – HOW TO!

Easy DIY Epoxy Floor – Great Weekend Project! – DIY – HOW TO!

We did this project over a weekend. The process is simple, just super clean the floor, fill any cracks, and apply the epoxy!

Here is the Kit – http://amzn.to/2x2kkpq

Let me know if you have any questions

Enjoying the Cabinlife one weekend at a time.



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Welcome to the Weekend Homestead. A collection of videos about our Homestead Project. We live full time in a major city in the Midwest, but on the weekends we strive for a slower life, The Homestead Lifestyle. Come Along on the journey to our off grid Cabin in the North woods of Wisconsin.

What is the weekend Homestead?

The Weekend homestead will feature topics like Outdoor Cooking, Bee Keeping, DIY Projects, Dutch Oven Cooking, Machine Maintenance, Making Maple Syrup, Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Backwoods projects, Bushcraft, and land management using our Kubota Tractor.

Mrs W, myself, Lincoln and Cameron enjoy family time with outdoor activities that you can do to. Watch as we learn on this journey into the simple life. We are not experts, just a family raising our son to be an outdoor kid like we were when we were younger.

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Danna Hergenreter says:

Looks great. Thank you

Chelsea Hill says:

How do you keep your family safe from bears? It was kind of scary to me. Jean

Terry W. Milburn says:

Great DIY, Will, Bear even put back the bench Hah                     ATB Terry   God Bless

Whitetail Hollow Acres says:

Hey Will, Does the epoxy have a strong smell? You weren't wearing a mask so it can't be too bad. I'd like to do my shop at some point.

brad davenport says:

When I saw you doing this I thought you could really use knee pads my knees hurt watch you but great job!!

Kellie p-b_FAM says:

Will I love the Bear… I laughed so hard… "Thinking that if I put it back… no one will notice I was here!", said the Bear!!!! great job on the floor

Andy Williams says:

Great job… I like your VIDEO..
Beautiful home.

MotherOfManyHorses says:

I can't believe he put the bench back!

COCO NOelle says:

Way to get your sparkle on!!

BakerMom says:

Will, was that large-ish hole in the basement floor a sump pit?

Rick Green says:

Very considerate bears you have there. The floor looks good. Those chips that you scattered in, do they look like they might in time come out? Also how is the traction if the floor gets wet? Could you roll heavy items (200-300lbs) w/hard wheels over it? Was thinking about doing my garage and look who pops up as the answer man. Who you gonna ask?….why the weekend homesteader of course. Won't hold you to any answers your best guess with your experience is better & more than mine.

Valerie Deboard says:

Looks nice…

Susie Q says:

Epoxy Floor – Excellent video with all the details of what is involved. You made some really good points that sure makes this project something to keep in mind. I like how you are telling others that this is something they can do for a reasonable price to give their property a face lift. Thanks.
You got that Bear trained? It put the bench back all neat and in it's place. Funny & Scary.

Garrison H says:

the epoxy paint job looked great but the bear took the show!

FatherAndSonFun 2015 says:

Awesome video! What an amazing transformation that epoxy paint did to the floor!!! Looks great! Really cool footage of the bear!

michael czerniewski says:

I saw this kit at Home Depot. It seems so cheap like 200$ for a 3 car garage. But why do the floor companies charge $3000 for the job? Do they do something different?

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