How to Build a Window Seat

How to Build a Window Seat

Bay windows seem to beg for a built-in window seat. The combo makes a cozy reading nook, plus, by adding a lid, it puts the space to work as storage. Add molding and trim to match the room and your new window seat will fit right into your décor. This is not a difficult project, but it does require basic carpentry skills.

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Best Access Doors says:

Fantastic work! Do you have plans to do more videos like this?

tony mazzeo says:

MDF is pure's compressed and glued cardboard . If you get it wet or have moisture near by ,it will puff up and separate. Use REAL wood instead. Your efforts in any project will be not be a waste of time and money. You can paint it or.seal the wood with shellac or poly-urethane. It will give it beauty and allow it to last a lifetime. I prefer woods like pine, birch or oak..which is the hardest.

Katy Wilbekin says:

Thank you for your in depth steps and materials guide. God bless you:)
Disregard the sarcasm attached to the advice regarding respirator. Classy individuals take the advice and ignore the insults.

Mayur Upalekar says:

I am thinking of building a window seat in my home. However there is a heat duct below it. Any suggestion on how I can extend the vent out to the front?

Charles Cho says:

12:57 b&d makes a cordless tracksaw??????

Entropy wins says:

MDF? Seriously?

Chase Kemp says:

I don't know why you would want to hide an outlet. I would have taken the time to relocate it.


All the safety icons for idiots yet the dude cuts MDF without a respirator???!

Anthony Amatruda says:

sad… really sad. i thought you were trying to teach people something

mendez31971 says:

If you need to alert people when to use or not use safety gear then they should not be working with power tools as they would have very little common sense 1:05

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