Recycled Window Greenhouse Build

Recycled Window Greenhouse Build

I’m building a greenhouse using recycled windows, and decided to post videos on the progression of the build. Any suggestions are appreciated.



Алла Жданович says:

Hi Ryan, just want to thank you for your woodwork plans [ Check Details Here=> ]I have tried several other plans and most times I get lost on what to do. This is the easiest and most simple plans ever.

ezrabrooks12 says:

This Green House is going to move if FOOTINGS NOT BELOW FROST LINE,36" in my area.

Chimp No 1 says:

Really interesting and helpful. Thanks

dbranham123 says:

Careful with that led paint on those windows, you don't want the flakes on you or in your food.

Morryka Yang says:

Aluminum is an abundant ubiquitous element on Earth. Why would an aluminum product need to be transported from anywhere to somewhere else, poisoning the air meanwhile?

David Dixon says:

This could have been much better built for a few dollars more.

VirtualFather says:

if the grown freezes those blocks will move. sliding window on roof will accumulate rain water. if shed wall is facing south maybe paint it white or put foil up for reflected back lighting of plants. If you wanted to use some geo thermal heating dig a 6 x 6 hole about 3 ft deep put in a few hundred feet of irrigation hose. Depending on your climate you can either use it to heat the green house or heat the soil. (if you want more info let me know)

Pedro Domingo says:

bro thats a good size,you will be so glad you've done this.i dug a hugle cuture bed under mine .maybe look into a heat sink it draws hot air from the top into a insulated pit filled with crushed glass no doubt you'll sus it out .very cool cant wait for next post. all the best

KW Jackson says:

The most important thing about your greenhouse is where it is sited, ie. how many hours of light per day it will receive. The second most important thing is venting excess heat. I've found in summer that watering the "floor" helps mitigate the heat when we get the hot days. Even though I have an underground pipe to help cool air be drawn into the greenhouse it's not enough passive flow. A solar powered fan is the next step to draw air.

john parker says:

hope it is facing south. thermal pains are very good . dead air space is a real asset .

Ralph Ledesma says:

Looks like your off to a good start . I like to draw it out, change things around on paper first. Draw up a set of "plans". Anyways awesome video thanks for sharing.

Lolita's Garden says:

Looks like you're off to a great start. I think it's really smart to back it up against a solid structure rather than freestanding like mine. You'll gather more heat and have less edges where it can get out. The only thing I'd recommend is having a plan for gaps. Great work, good luck!

Double Dog Farm says:

My greenhouse roof is made of separated sliding glass doors. If I were to do it again I would leave them double pane. Sliding glass doors are safety glass. If one brakes it would be much safer.

How is your greenhouse oriented. South???.

bmxion says:

Are you gonna have the chickens inside in the winter months?

BonnieBlue2A says:

Might consider the gutters on the shed and diverting at least some of the water into a collection of rain barrels inside of the greenhouse. Paint the barrels black for winter and it will give a heat mass for the greenhouse during cool nights following sunny days. Where the gutter diversion comes in should be considered in the design prior to construction.  I'd consider using the windows least likely to shatter for the roof in case of hail storms.Looking forward to seeing how this works out for you.  I have a barn full of old windows from a remodel project I've been saving for several projects.

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