$1.00 DIY Self-Closing Door in a Tree House (for a Cabin, Shed, Playhouse)

$1.00 DIY Self-Closing Door in a Tree House (for a Cabin, Shed, Playhouse)

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In this episode. Derek “Deek” Diedricksen, from the HGTV/DIY Network and Relaxshacks.com shows you how to make a VERY simple, and affordable, self-closing door for a tree house, shed, clubhouse or playhouse, or even a cabin.



shoushikochou says:

i found this to be a safer option than a spring

Sue Moseley says:

We rigged the same thing up in our shed. It works really well.

Kari C says:

Sweet! Totally gonna try this out on the yurt door when I make some upgrades in the Spring! Thanks! K🎪

Firstname Lastname says:

that tuff plastic stuff you use, does it come in a non-wavey form (as to be able to see through it better)? thanks.

SoulSurvivorX2 says:

Bungee cords. Never leave home without em

ooonurse33 says:

Brilliant 🙂

oktophx says:

Thanks! That sure answered my question from the other video. Great idea! Of course all your ideas are great! This is one even I can use in the future though.

SALVATl0N says:

Could you adjust the tension by just sliding the cord up or down on the nail? There seems to be enough "grab" to do it.

T2H Instructionals says:

Cool simple idea man, will remember this one Deek.

retsaoter says:

If it works it isn't stupid. 

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