A $400 backyard tree house office, cabin, or shack… PART ONE

A $400 backyard tree house office, cabin, or shack… PART ONE

Check out Deek’s DIY Idea and Concept book on tiny house, forts, shacks, cabins, tree houses, and more- HERE- http://www.amazon.com/Humble-Simple-Cottages-Ramshackle-Retreats/dp/0762771461/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1396876441&sr=8-1&keywords=humble+homes+simple+shacks

In this first installment, Derek “Deek” Diedricksen, HGTV/DIY Network Host shows us the start of a tiny cabin he’s been working on- one destined to be a tree house office. It could also be used as a shed, playhouse, greenhouse, or ground-bound office. He’ll soon be offering plans sets on how to build this, once he’s done. This could also make for a great little weekending vacation cabin- one that could be locked up in the woods, when not in use.



darthsept says:

half grand for that??? lol you can buy a shed 4 times as big for that!!! wtf

Jenn Kim says:

It looks like a nice frame for a mini green house as well. Very nice!

UniquelyYana says:

Derek I like that you painted the framing before adding the walls. A great pre-step. Also, I would love to see you feature your supplies/work spaces more. You went quickly, but you have tons of creative things happening in your yard there. Seeing materials helps brainstorm ideas. 

Mike Williams says:

I'm not 100% positive, but are these tiny shacks/cabins/houses/retreats/awesome structures insulated at all? Will this one be? I would like to build this one i think, but i am concerned about winter weather. It looks like a good starter for an inexperienced builder like myself and I'm really digging the frame. Nice job by the way!

Veganomix says:

If this were just a LITTLE bit bigger man you could have a decent sleeping space. Do I smell tuftex roofing? haha

mamagon 68 says:

Always enjoy your vids and your creations keep them coming!!!

Primal Edge says:

can't wait to see it when it's done!

Stephen Bradley says:

Wow 13 Views but you already have 19 likes Mmm is there something I don't know?..Nice shack love the colour, but when will you make one for handicap people like myself, I promise to bring my own chair. ūüôā

nzinga zindua says:

Deek, I wish I had you here in Detroit.  Got an old, one-car garage that I want to live in.  You would be invaluable in bringing it up to code.  Perhaps, I'll upload pic's of it, and you can give me your opinion.  Love your sense of humor.  Keep up the good work.

wwwShadow7 says:

Are those 2"x4" boards?¬† Or something smaller?¬† Technically smaller than that, but marketed as 2×4 at most places.

Ron Johnson says:

Love your stuff! Keep it coming.

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