How To Make A Wooden Fidget Spinner!!! | DIY Project

How To Make A Wooden Fidget Spinner!!! | DIY Project

How To Make A wooden Fidget Spinner!!! | DIY Project

I know, I know… This toy is taking over the internet. However, I’ve seen other people do some pretty neat things with these, and it inspired me to make one out of wood!

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Enjoy πŸ™‚



Wesley Johnston says:

brooooo my names wesley too ,cool right

G Gg says:

what the heck is that thing? what's the purpose

Melissa Kosakowski says:

can you make me oneπŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜€

RandomDude 360 says:

Is there any replacement for wood?

delroy williams says:

Ye wat is that song at the end


hey nice video what's song you used at the end of you video?


Plz sell these i really wanna buy one

Abby Savaltore says:

I think it's a good idea for you to make some wooden spinners to sell.

pastorjosh44 says:

Is that a wheel bearing in the center?

DarwinBinder says:

Hey, I wanted to try making my own. Do you have a template for this? Looks really cool.

Egeef says:

Please bro ! Give us a template :3 <3

Marc-AndrΓ© Bourgoin says:

Do you sell those because i want one

Ben Is Cool says:

was your 4000th sub πŸ™‚

Cathie Zimmerman says:

Once again… another great project and editing!

Gamer Girl says:

Beautiful camerawork

Nihad Beshir says:

Great video. Beautiful handspinner. What is the name of the last music? 3:06

Franco Gauthier says:

What's a poject

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