Make Wooden iPhone Charging Dock – DIY Project

Make Wooden iPhone Charging Dock – DIY Project

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I decided to build a DIY iPhone charging dock for my mom’d birthday!
It’s always very exciting to transform rough piece of lamber in actually “something”…

This project was pretty simple, anyone can make it without the tools I used… Just with hand tools! But I have access to those powertools… so… you know! 🙂

The wood I used was italian walnut. My very favorite type of wood. I would make anything out of walnut… Mostly when, as in this case, the piece I used was free!

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TheBoomBandit says:

Happy bday to your mom

ali osman gültekin says:

You are the king….🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

Callum Stonehouse says:

1Dude this is incredible, awesome stuff

A. M. says:

For selfmade it is nice but the docks from LERO Holz are bedder

Jhon Moreira says:

that is not a DIY project, im sure not everybody have those tools at their homes, anyway, good job

Lynden Jeppesen says:

That's freaking awesome

Creeper1764 Main says:

sorry android users. this can't be modified for android devices

Devin Padilla says:

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Popp V2 says:

I don't know what's better your creativity or your camera work 😀

fawwaz tariq says:

Happy birthday to your mother🙂

DIY Master says:

bro , i made a video too i thought i'm so amazing and talented , but after watching your video i think that i'm a looser , FML ._.

Instance Gaming says:

Then apple changes it's iPhone port.

Otis kmcb says:

charging docks are pointless cuz u can't use your phone whilst it's charging

Arun Wagley says:

Omg I did all that for my girlfriend and it was amazing but I forgot that she had a SAMSUNG phone 😭😭😭

Segmaster says:

Truly awesome video, it's simple and elegant, the best of both worlds.

Rami says:

I love this idea so much 😍

Mopar Milan says:

sick tablesaw dude

kiedyBL says:

Giaco please tell me how to change the sound of charging your iPhone?

ShaD says:

ok in questo video ho scoperto che sei italiano

kiedyBL says:

how to change the sound of charging your iPhone ? Please reply me.

Bat Mon says:

ma sei italiano? se sì tanti complimenti davvero!!

Toca Madera says:

Nice job!
; )

Jacob Wendt says:

This would of been really cool if you made it like a ihome where there's speakers too

Alek Van Mensvoort says:

maybe next time you could put a battery in the wooden block so its a little bit more portable?

Mohd Ashraf says:

my phone has a top charging port 😥

Mohd Ashraf says:

my phone has a top charging port 😥

Proxay Xray says:

what´s the angle of the holder part?

John Doe says:

ridiculous horrible music

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