Making a Wood Carving Knife with NO Power Tools! Easy DIY Knife Making Project.

Making a Wood Carving Knife with NO Power Tools!  Easy DIY Knife Making Project.

In this video, knife maker Walter Sorrells shows the making of a small woodcarving knife…using no power tools at all. This is a project suitable for someone with even the most simply equipped shop. Whether you’re a wood worker looking to make yourself some specialized tools or someone interested in getting started with knifemaking, there’s plenty in this video for you.

Here are some other videos that show similar projects involving very simple heat treating processes.

Making a carpenter’s marking knife:
Machete (no power tools):

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mariano pesa says:

where can I buy the drill the you used?

Mr. Ketchup says:

So it's basically an xacto knife

Adam Blann says:

Hello Walter,
When doing these type of lower tech/less tool intensive knife projects, is there a worthwhile way to soften the metal before the laborious filing? I.e. can I temper if very soft before shaping and still end with a quality hardened end product?
Thanks for the excellent videos and info.

Richardson Bruckner says:

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Art Heen says:

"… with a tool that could have been seen in any woodworking shop two or three hundred years ago".
No, that monster high-tech chuck definitely could not have been seen. Nor that type of drill bit. However, it's possible that your modern version can still hold an old fashioned square tapered bit if you remove that chuck. Hand tool users are a traditionalist lot, and few would want to throw away perfectly serviceable bits when buying a new brace.

cjkatbruno says:

Good job I would finish the handle better though than just wax.. I read wax is really just abrasion protection and if it has wax ONLY on it it will soon become dirty and will have no water, water vapor, or chemical protection.. It also says the wax will collect dirt and dust and become dark and an ugly mess..

Luis tío Phil Villanueva says:

incredible all you can make without electrict tool. Thans for de video its needed for me. Many times its dificult use elctric tools greetings

Dragon cheaf Dragonborn says:

Such a big handle for a small knife

Gary C. Smith says:

It would have been insane if one did not get a plan such as this one [Link Here== ]. The contents are what every woodworker really need, be it a beginner or a veteran. I'm glad I purchased this plan at this time and at a discounted price. Thank you so much.

secert youtube person says:

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cris rose says:

sometimes i just use my hand drill because i cant be bothered to uncoil the wire from my drill XD

tuttle pats says:

hey walter i love your vids and am just getting into knife making myself ive got alot of scap flat bar but its mild steel would you possibly do a video on the super quench as to why its so look down on and what it can do for hardening mild steel i do plan on getting real knife making steel but for the time being and just to practice shaping but id love more info on the super quench i cant find very many videos on it and forums seem to be on oppisite ends of the conversation

Joseph K. Montoya says:

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William Wallace says:

win I heat treat at 400 for one hour it over does it so just do it at 400 for 25 minutes is that ok

Banana Duck says:

Yes his his under shirt went from white to blue

vasanthan ilango says:

hey I enjoyed it …..
how can I make it if I don't have oven plz..?

im an says:

Thank you, sir, it's been inspirational and got me made my own folding knives. God bless you and your family 🙂

The bestist jake ever In the world says:

The proof is in the pudding?

in2weeed says:

Hey there Mr. Sorrells   can one add carbon to steel for hardness any other way than the way the vikings had done by adding charcoal powder when smelting????

Dave Robbie says:

Great project. Thanks for showing how it is done with just hand tools. It came out beautiful!

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