4 Romantic & Vintage Dollar Tree Diys for Bedroom, Bathroom and Beauty Room – French, Whimsical

4 Romantic & Vintage Dollar Tree Diys for Bedroom, Bathroom and Beauty Room – French, Whimsical

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Hi Welcome to my description section. In this video I’ll show you how to create 4 amazing DIYs using Dollar Tree items. These DIYs are perfect to decorate your bedroom, vanity, desk and beauty room. The first project is how to transform a typical magnifying glass into a beautiful vintage one. The second project is how to create a shabby chic pencil case or makeup bag accepted with sequin, ribbon and lace. The fourth project is how to create a French inspired jewelry organizer with a stripe pattern, perfect to keep your jewelry organized and beautifully displayed. The final project is how to create a light up pencil holder that can also be used to hold makeup brushes and is accented with fairy lights for a perfect whimsical touch. As I mentioned before, these project are perfect for you bedroom, beauty room, bathroom or office. As I mentioned in the video if you haven’t checked out my latest video where I show you how to create beautiful back-to-school and office decors, I list it below so you can check it out. Also, don’t forget that next week I have an exiting project coming up so make sure to subscribe!

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Lulu Sapphire says:

Hi Elegants! Don't forget to render your 2 months free Skillshare trial and to check out the classes I recommended! The links are in my description box.
Also, I'm planing on doing another thrift flip diy video for next week so stay tuned for that! I wish you a very blessed day, may God The Feather, The Son and The Holy Spirit bless you like never before! 🤗

Marta Berryhill says:

Love how the satin sheet goes to you. Magical

Jackie Godbout says:

Lovely things🥰

ghetto mama says:

Beautiful as always😉 I am curious about that awesomely gorgeous ring you always wear🤔🙂

Talya Rinad says:

أعجبتني قناتك راغم أن لا أفهم اللغة الانجليزية من فضلك إن تستطيع أن ترجمة الفيديو الي العربية

Dolly Harrison says:

I love your videos . And I can tell that you love the Lord God with all your heart! Can you please tell us your nationality and your family's history . For example is your brother in Israel. There's just a curiosity about you. I would love to know more . I just feel a Godly connection.

Mouren Muñoz says:


Steven Haskett says:

Lady Lulu,
I Love everything you do.
Always very Eloquent and Victorian. Definitely my style. Thank You Dear!💜
You are Marvelous and Magical in all you do.
God Bless Lovely one!
Just Carolyn

Beth Marie says:

You are so talented! Everything you create is beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

sandra carter says:

Oh I so hope more earrings will be available! Gorgeous!

Karen Fronc says:

You astound me

Janet Becker says:

I Love your style. I need to figure out my own color other than the antique pink.
I would love to see you do Christmas decorating using your Unique style.

Martina Magulová says:

Hi, Lulu. Beauty as always. 👌👍💖Thank you for great advice and ideas.✨ 🌹🌌With love of Maťa from Slovakia💜💖Bye

Edila Lewis says:

Simply Amazing

Nightcores says:

Please make a video on how to make a luxurious study desk

Saundra Lopez says:

I love all your decor ideas. I want to redo my girls’ bedroom. I absolutely love how you turn dollar tree items into such beautiful things! Do you have any ideas on how I can make a princess bedroom with crowns and chandeliers? I’ve already got the chandeliers started, just like the ones you made in past videos. Send me links to princess decor ideas, please and thanks again!

Besa65 says:

Can you please do a longer video sometime? I love your videos. They end so fast. It doesn’t have to just be diy’s. Anything you do, I know, will be great.

Frugal Mama says:

Why do you keep asking us to check -out your sister's channel when she only has two videos from a year ago?

Maricela Garza says:

Beautiful ❤️

bj tx says:

Your projects are unique, lovely & useful ! Looking forward to your next thrift flip. Thank you for sharing your talents & skills.

Liana Palumbo says:

I clicked on this video so fast I think I hurt my finger☝️, but in all seriousness, so glad to see another video. Love everything you do 💕💕xx

Ipec Ipec3000 says:

I would love a stone ring. Please link info

mcota5 says:

Very pretty, thank you for sharing.

Sue Poch says:

TFS! So inspired by your videos! Love love love them! More please! 👍👍👍👍👍✌️❤️🇺🇸

Victor Leon says:

Beautiful! ❤✨

ChicReal says:

Your music choice makes your persona dark and alluring in this video. You're giving off mixed vibes.

keona3157 says:

You are truly one of the best hands down I liked it b4 I watched it because I know its 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

marcy bradshaw says:

I always feel like I'm in a fairy tale! Love your videos!

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