1964 Chevrolet Chevelle Restomod Project – Insane Build of the MaliciouSS Malibu

1964 Chevrolet Chevelle Restomod Project – Insane Build of the MaliciouSS Malibu

The owner of this 1964 Chevy Chevelle SS had heard about some of Roadster Shop’s previous builds and sought them out online. To him, the car had sentimental value. He had seen their pro-touring muscle cars and wanted to go that route with his Chevy. He wanted to do it right and take care of the rust and motor issues.

As with most classic vehicles, the A-body eventually started showing its age. Rust had started bubbling up through the paint, and there were mechanical issues as well. The choice was quickly becoming either fix it or sell it. For the owner, getting rid of the ragtop simply was not an option. He decided to ship the Chevelle to the Roadster Shop for repairs and upgrades. Like a lot of builds, the further they dug, the worse things got. The owner decided it was time for his Chevy to become a full-on custom.


Engine: 416-inch LS3 built by Wegner Motorsports
Output: 813 hp at the flywheel, with 789 lb-ft of torque
Transmission: 6L90 six-speed automatic
Edelbrock E-Force supercharger
Roadster Shop Fast Track chassis
Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires (225/35R18s and 335/35R19s)
Baer Brakes

Built by:
Roadster Shop
28775 N. Rte 83
Mundelein, IL 60060

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loui magtwix says:

Holy, these guys are gods omg

Chemistry, Films, and More says:

Guys I have a serious question. Is the sheet metal you are using to do the mods aluminum, or steel? I can't tell.

Lourdes ricafort says:

So sleeeekkk

Jnathan Nger says:

while i hate losing good examples of classics, this doors look awesome and it wasn't origional anyway. hardwork paid off

Tom Gill Chevrolet says:

These projects are just incredible to follow along with. Great video – thanks for sharing!

Matt Farah's Million Mile Lexus says:

Absolutely stunning, The Ring Bros wish they had that kind of taste and skill.

george mesz says:

I would hat to be the one paying for this job ; What 200.000 thousand

Michael Dillon says:

That is Amazing I would ta k that over a Bentley or a Lambo any day

Rami_L1byan says:

Glad to see human abductees smiling while doing the job in the alienship shop lol.
Great work as always. Looking forward for the next video.

The dragon Isley says:

great truck

Gregg Smith says:

Im not a fan of convertibles but i'm very glad you rescued this beauty from both the horrid restoration and hideous color…..

youngestson65 says:

Yessuh. BAD ASS!🔥💯👍🏽💯👊🏽🔥

Edmond says:

Amazing what can be covered up

Kadir Hakkı Akyüz says:

Tam hayalimdeki modernizasyon sitili tebrik ederim

Alejo says:

Damn it, so fucking sexy!

BoostAddict says:

Wow. If I had the time and resources these guys do I'd have one hell of a pro touring C10. Seriously incredible.

Avery Henrichsen says:

Literally the sickest car on earth. Unreal! Absolutely incredible work.
I’ve never felt compelled to comment on a YouTube video until I saw this one! Thank You for making such a beautiful piece or drivable art!

Craig Haynes says:

Love it, just wish it was a hardtop

Mr. Chandler says:

Okay I'm going to stop kissing asses I love the Innovative light design on the front and the rear very impressive I'm out..

blitzkrieg masterrace says:

Probably one of the best ones you’ve done!

Mr. Chandler says:

It never ceases to amaze me the Ingenuity of man to take something from a sketch of thought something unreal intangible and turn it into something touchable drivable the amazing this car is the work the craftsmanship is beyond imagination if I only had the money the things they could do to my 73 Nova hatchback great work RS as usual poor black man said that..


Очередной шедевр! Респект 🤓👍

deep sea says:

Amazing jooooob waw

A2 the JDM fan boy says:

How can I join roadster shop as a worker!

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