The Obsessed Garage Project: E4 – First Architectural Plans

The Obsessed Garage Project: E4 – First Architectural Plans

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Grace Stoneley says:

I love the lz project please keep it up I'm exited to see what's next

Mike Mulhearn says:

You should add a lift in! Also, you should put a central vac into the wash bay! My grandfather put one into his house back in the day, and it makes cleaning the interiors so much easier!

Dan Stewart says:

Matt, this is amazing!

Dan Stewart

Carl Hamstra says:

If you are adding width, you should go to 18' x 9' doors

Adeel Cyril says:

This is beyond most can ever dream of Matt. Your going is the history books Matt! I'm loving it every minute of this endeavor. Thank you Matt. Motivation for us guys at some point to do something similar…….

Rob Carr says:

Matt, you need to put a bar in with some tables. Maybe overlooking the cars. Think about having 30 buddies in there. They will need somewhere to sit, and something to drink.

Rob Carr says:

This is going to be an epic project. I can't wait to see what you fill it up with!

Christopher Bennett says:

That looks unbelievable! Congratulations, Matt. Nice to see all your hard paying off; when's the first wash in the bay gonna be uploaded?

Matt Long says:

Cars worth as much as my house and garage twice as much, guess my finance degree with cfp concentration didnt work out for me lol. Love your work, and go ahead and pull the trigger on the s2k I would like to see what you do with one of them.

Drew Shay says:

nice add "would you like fries with that" lol

Phil Sheldon says:

Looks impressive, my wife would say i could put a bedbroom in there for me and kick me out haha . Sounds like matt youll be expanding your inventory of cars too! What would you be thinking of getting? Something more trackday focused or oldskool perhaps?

SimonBelgium says:

Great to see it all come together. Out of curiosity, why not 4 single garage doors? Sure it's an extra cost, but you can really space the cars properly that way, and just open the bay you want pulling cars in and out…

Zach Schroeder says:

I was watching an older video and noticed how much you hate your shopvac. Try out the Dyson Car + Boat. I bought one about a week ago and it changed my life.

Eric Leitner says:

Thanks for sharing. I always look forward to your videos.

jnice v says:

Matt what model Milwaukee impact driver are you using?

Maik van de Minimal says:

sieht super aus 🙂

e10rice says:

I was wondering if you understand that the your cars will more than likely have plenty of space in the current layout. Your GT3 is 6'-1" wide and the M3 is 6'-2" wide (looked up the spec's). Having 16' garage doors leaves you roughly 5' on either side of the car in just door space not taking into consideration the extra wall space. If you still think you need more space you might be able to save a few dollars and add 5' instead of 10'. Also a typical two car garage door is 16' to 18'. I may have missed something somewhere but if your planning on parking 4 cars then yes add the extra 10' but if its just for your 2 current cars it shouldn't be necessary. I work for an architect in Virginia and I wish we could get a client that was a car guy more often.

Everythingisgoingtobealright says:

That will be amazing, will you have a steel edge around the pit for the lift? It finishes off the installation of the lift very nicely. Did you think about a shower? Might be nice to have one out there. I will never be able to build something like this, but I build it in my head all the time. Have fun.

Derek Clarke says:

Very impressive,and of course the stairs will be motorised .

Daniel Shulman says:

I cannot wait to see this thing fully built. It's gonna be sick!

Tokyuuu says:

I'm BLOWN away on this one Matt!!!!
BP work is looking super good so far!

Milford Taylor says:

Matt great job I love your style!!!

Tanya S. Wong says:

It is going to be awesome! Can't wait to see it get built!

Chris Ciccone says:

Very cool Matt, considering the fact you're adding the extra depth now did you ever consider taller garage doors? I can see a great resale factor in the event you do move on yet again. Someone who could park there RV on their own private property in doors would see that as a huge benefit!

ClassicRaider says:

looking great matt, keep us posted

bigfoot286 says:

When does the construction start?

softminimal1 says:

I would move the bathroom door into the utility room.
Also have you thought about building a permanent stair to the attic on the side of the utility room?
Have it going up and then returning to the centre of the attic space.
Be good to get it out of the way altogether inside.
Looks good.

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