DEMO & Installation -The Ultimate DIY Home Security System – ESP8266 (trigBoard) + 4G LTE Modem

DEMO & Installation -The Ultimate DIY Home Security System – ESP8266 (trigBoard) + 4G LTE Modem

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Keith Mack says:

If only one of the "sensors" was a camera!

Wahid Salah says:

Hey Kevin,
which is more power efficient( consuming less power) a (mini 328p arduino with nrf24l01+ combination) or an ESP8266 with ESP-NOW ? I need to install this board inside a water well, that i use ultrasonic device(hc-04 "works on 5V") to measure distance
forgot to mention it is a sleep almost all time(with sleep function) to wake up once an hour or every 6 hours, something like this.

3D-GDad says:

First and foremost I want to say “Thank You” to Kevin Darrah. He listened to my special need for a device to help me to keep my wife safe.

At my request, he built a device from the Ultimate DIY Home Security System that would notify me anytime my front door was opened. He even tested the device using my network credentials prior to shipping. Once I received it, I went about setting it up and discovered I had made a mistake in the SSID I gave to Kevin. He quickly explained what I needed to do to make the changes to complete the setup. My router is an ARRIS SURFboard Wireless Cable Modem GW DOCSIS 3.0 SBG6900-AC.

He discovered my router was a model that didn’t play well with the trigBoard. He did some research and found two files that mentioned my router and the ESP8266, which is the brains of my device. My home network also includes a WiFi extender made by Netgear, configured as an Access Point. I adjusted the configuration to use the extender’s SSID and now my device works flawlessly every time my front door is opened.

I highly recommend that if you need assistance with any of Kevin’s electronic projects, he is extremely knowledgeable about what he builds and is very willing to support his products.

MUDGEL says:

Wow! Now I know my house has been burgled and my basement has flooded. 😉

Patrick Dorion says:

Flood detectors go inside the sump pump well….

Yunika Robert Bellarmine says:

Kevin i am from Cameroon!! i have been following your channel now for about 3 years and you are the best. Thanks for the idea i hope to use it in my country

Unexpected Maker says:

That's very cool Kevin!

Slushee says:

Cool! I would do three long beeps when the door is opened bc _ _ _ is O in morse and _._. When it's been closed bc that means C

chirayubarde says:

I need help. How to check battery level without any analog pin in arduino / avr?

ewn legit says:

your amazing talent and geneus never cease to amaze me

Kristoffer Marnø says:

Holy shi* that is so coool😍

Jolt Cola 2017 says:

Very nice setup. Have you also considered having a pump added to the network to start removing the water once it has been detected? This will prevent further flooding which will prevent further damage to your asset(s).
Never stop creating. Your ideas inspire others who then inspire others. Knowledge is contagious when it is interesting.

Daniel dias dornelles says:

Cube 12x12x12?

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