DIY Dollar Store Alarm tripwire "Low Tech Security"

DIY Dollar Store Alarm tripwire "Low Tech Security"

Tripwire DIY Dollar Store Alarm for $1.00..

This is a dollar store window alarm turned into a tripwire trap with little effort…. These can make all the difference in your security in a downed scenario… Simple and Cheap!!!
Tools required;
Drill with 1/8 inch drill bit
Metal Shears, or tin snips (Hobar Freight tools 5.99)
Materials required;
Metal Coffee can
Wire (fencing wire, safety wire)
Optional Paint



Will Winn says:


Sharlea Puyette says:

You could have saved five mins without all ur chit chat

BackpackerCoach says:

Would it work after a EMP?

Reno Rock says:

Hey, Your all right buddy. Thank's

oolon colluphid says:

Good video, but folks, NEVER CUT TOWARD YOUR HAND or arm. With anything. Ever.

Tina Gallagher says:

I love this! I've used these in hotel rooms and a couple of times, it stopped someone from coming in even though I had my room locked.

stacy schewalje says:

Thanks man in going to the woods in a bit that will help out for safety

Grow and Conquer says:

Very good idea

Ronald Taylor says:

Last comment is just in case there are multiple attackers. Multiple sensors with each sensor making a different alert voice. i.e. "North Quarter, South exit – entrance, north side door."

Ronald Taylor says:

Can you hack a Wireless Motion sensor Alert with Wireless Bluetooth earphones for closer proximity situations where you don't want the intruder or trespasser to hear the Alarm?

mw10259 says:


AntsInMy EyesJohnson says:

someone else on YouTube from central

PjSparkle08 says:

do u have any ideas on how to use this as a bike alarm?

d'nomar senoj says:

that was cool. so many possibilities in the home.

Larry C says:

Apply one layer of vaseline petroleum jelly on the gap of the alarm and it will work outdoor.

DruidicRifleman says:

where do you get metal coffee cans???

Lumberman2011 says:

Awesome job my friend..Kudos!

alex hammer says:

Sweet idea..!

bibleprophecy1st says:

If your willing to spend a little bit more money and I am The Vigilant 130 dB Personal Rape/Jogger/Student Emergency Alarm with LED Light at $15.99 is the better choice for a trip wire alarm system in the woods. It is 130 Dbs! which would wake the dead, unlike the bird chirping on that 90 Db peice of crap. Also you don't have to go through all those modifications to mount it. Just use some paracord and a bowline knot to attach it to a trip line and a tree and your good to go. If you think it's going to rain just run the cord through a zip lock baggy with a hole in the bottom. If its set up right, it will pull free of the baggy when tripped so as not to muffle the sound. Also It operates off of easy to get AAA batteries and has an led light. And it's still quite a bit smaller then that alarm your showing.

High 4 star rating for the Vigilant at Amazon.

That one you have has a low 3 star rating with customers on Amazon.

The woods are a rugged place. I think something designed to deter rapest will be quite a bit tougher then a cheap door alarm that only works sometimes.

Thomas Ski says:

Instead of wire…fishing line is much easier to handle and cheaper

Jon G Balderama says:

Awesome! Β Nice and simple…thanks!

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