DIY Dollar Tree Glam Wall Light – DIY Elegant Wall Sconce – Wall Lamp – Home Decor DIY – Unique $10

DIY Dollar Tree Glam Wall Light – DIY Elegant Wall Sconce – Wall Lamp – Home Decor DIY – Unique $10

For this ALL new DIY video I have a beautiful glam home decor project. I share how to make this simple yet very elegant black and gold wall light / wall sconce using ALL Dollar Tree materials and keep the cost under $10. This wall light was inspired by a high end design I found online that cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. I made another wall sconce earlier this week to match this wall light. You can see that quick & easy 3 minute video here.
If not for the push lights I could add this wall lamp on my $5 diy playlist. I actually planned on putting both of these diys in the same video but ended up separating them. This is such a unique project in many ways especially the processes and how it all came together. I want to thank my close friend Brenda who inspired me to finish this project. I started this many weeks ago. I shared the unfinished project with her and she thought it was lovely and encourage me to finish it. It’s not bling, mirrors, or sliver so I didn’t think I would like it. As it turns out I love it so much so have this in out bedroom now. It’s so elegant and truly makes a statement. I hope you enjoy this easy project & have fun watching this brand new creation.

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Materials Used for this project Dollar Tree
1- Kitchen metal shelf
2 – packs of bracelets
Piece of foam board
2 – push lights / batteries of course
Zip ties, glitter, and mod podge

If you’re looking for the acrylic gems Dollar Tree carries here is the BEST DEAL ON GEMS I could find. I love these and share a brief review of these in a diy video

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Crystal Clear Acrylic Gems – 1 & 1/2 POUNDS of Gems $9.99

Crystal Glass Chandelier Gems

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mosaic mirrors came from Amazon
3600 Pc mosaic mirror

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Say hey to my YouTube sister Beverly from Beverly’s Stunning Creations. She creates beautiful Dollar Tree projects too. You will really enjoy her channel!
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Here’s some of my fav glam materials to use for diys
33FT of gems Amazon $9 for 33ft

99ft of acrylic gems

30ft GLASS gems ( my fav )

Professional Glue Gun

3 Dollar Tree Diys | Glam Home Decor| Wall Decor – Candle Holder – Flower Box

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Creative Living Lifestyles says:

Hey Creative Crafters, if you enjoyed this video check out my latest Dollar Tree project. I made a tabletop fire-pit following a modern design using olive oil as fuel. This project can easily be altered to match any decor. It's far and away one of my favorite diys I've ever made.
I hope you enjoy

Salah bin Ali says:

عمل مميز و ممتاز 🇸🇦👍

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How did you attach them to the wall?

collette caraway says:

Girl it's AWESOME…waaay too much work for me. 💚

JuliesJusSayin! B says:

Love your accent. They say I’m county. U sound like u are from Alabama. Sound just like my cousins and sil. It’s crazy. But love your ideas. I’ve completely went from organizing everything to deep cleaning now on to making cute affordable beautiful decorative art. Love to have something to do with my cindy. I can’t work Bc of Throat cancer, copd & Emphysema. Plus feeding tube. Radiation Burnt my flap over airway and I have to pump. So this gives me so much to do. I’ve completely started a revamp of high end looking projects. It’s definitely not all dollar tree. But it’s still good. Love it.

Kimberly Wang says:

I'm going to give these a try. It looks simply beautiful. I'm amazed. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us.

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Genius!!! I love it! Subscribed!

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New subscriber… Love it

Lisa Franklin says:

Hello I have a request I am on a budget and love your dollar tree diys could you do some decor with red and black plz I am not that creative but I love your wall mirrors and need ideas for my room.

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That is remarkable! I'm doing this one! Thanks a bunch!

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So cute and creative

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You are amazing!

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So creative!

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You should do an ASMR video.

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Thank you Thank you this will be a present for my sister this year 👍👍👍👍👍👍

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Love love love it! Another beautiful creation! Fabulous!

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